Patricia Essong

profession-scribe-patricia-Essong-portraitPatricia Essong sings African soul and jazz and describes herself, not as an “Afropolitan”, but as a “new Bantu”. In her debut album Soul of Nü Bantu, she poetically covers songs by Miriam Makeba, Brenda Fassie or even Bella Bollow. As she was preparing the physical release of her first album and the concert that would showcase it, she contacted Profession:Scribe. Ever since, I have been working very closely with Patricia Essong, providing my support in:

  • Marketing strategy and operational marketing
  • Developing and carring out multichannel communication campaigns
  • Setting up a public relations (PR) strategy
  • Writing press releases
  • The follow-up and reporting of the communications operations
  • Proofreading editorial content
  • Designing campaign visuals
  • Creative writing of claims and campaign editorial strategy
  • Music marketing
  • Album release marketing
  • Community management and development of games and contests on social media

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