Publicis Conseil

professionscribe_logo_publicis_conseilI worked at the strategic planning department at the advertising agency Publicis Conseil in Paris for the brands:

  • Wonderbra: that wanted to target a younger customer base, aged 18 to 25. So I studied the behaviors and consuming habits of the 18-to-25-year-olf French women, their relationships to lingerie, to their bodies and their sexuality. I also launched topics on forums on the Internet (AuFeminin…) and convened a panel study of 12 young female volunteers.
  • Playtex: that adressed European women aged 45 and above. I studied the evolutions of the media representation of senior women. I carried out researches on how senior women related to their bodies, their beauty and their sexuality. The conclusions would vary over time and space. The aging European population contributed to put seniors’ bodies on screen and in the media more often than before.

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