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Do you know the story of Joshua Bell in the subway of Washington?

On a morning of January 2007, Joshua Bell, a prominent virtuoso violinist from the New York Philharmonic, stood beside a trash basket wearing a baseball cap on his head. He started playing 43 minutes of classical pieces, his violin case wide open at his feet. Over 1,000 commuters passed him by. How many of them stopped to listen to him? None. And yet, it was art. Great art.

Art itself is not enough to catch the attention; you have to set a scene for it. Had Joshua Bell been dressed in a more elegant fashion that day, had he picked a fancier place or had the show not been free; not only would have he caught the attention of a targeted audience, he would have also succeeded in moving them. All those choices come under the competence of a brand strategist, a storyteller and an editorial strategist. This is where I come in.


Branding & Story Design


Creative industries are everywhere, and still, everywhere in the world, it seems that the majority of artists and creative enterprises struggle and fail to thrive. It seems they perceive the ideas of art and marketing to be enemies. But marketing is all the actions you carry out for your market (fans, audience, customers…) to fall in love with your brand or to keep loving it.

In order to achieve a marketing goal (eg. raising awareness, engaging fans, selling concert tickets…), the world of art, media and entertainment needs to embrace marketing and tackle the business with strategy. The first step is to become a brand. Count on my expertise in:

  • Storytelling and pitches
  • Branded content and identity
  • Brand management and digital strategy
  • Marketing Mix, strategic marketing
  • Marketing and Advertising editorial consulting
  • Cultural mediation
  • Crowdfunding strategy and fundraising
  • Social Media strategy
  • Music marketing and merchandising
  • Digital communication and online branding
  • Brand book
  • Copywriting
  • Content marketing and native advertising
  • SEO optimization
  • Monitoring and reporting on rankings for key search terms an overall organic traffic
  • Newsletters, Customer Relationship Management, development of loyalty programmes


Creative Writing & Production


In case you didn’t know, imagination is my middle name. From media strategy to website development including public relations, the professionals that work with me are all artists from a variety of disciplines, I myself am an award-winning writer and comedian. I also produce most of my own creations (podcasts, films, comedy, comics…). If you are an artist and you would like to outsource the production of your art, contact me immediately and pitch me your project! I will support you in the following tasks:

  • Ghostwriting
  • Creative writing of novels and short stories
  • Screenwriting
  • Original programming
  • Songwriting (also in English)
  • Playwriting (theater, musicals, comedy shows, sketches)
  • Video game writing (storytelling)
  • Creation of board games
  • Comics writing
  • Scriptwriting for video games and web and mobile applications
  • Copywriting
  • Publishing e-books


Editorial & Language Intelligence


I plan, develop and deliver creative content in French around brands, products, personalities and projects for online and offline distribution. In order to drive engagement, I make sure that the content is compelling, relevant to its audience, valuable and consistent. Thus, I engage your customers and the marketing community, whilst ensuring brand integrity and adhering to the brand “tone of voice”. I use data analytics and insight to inform content development. Contact me whenever you need support in:

  • Editorial Strategy
  • Content writing and editing
  • Writing and sending press releases and press kits
  • Online writing, blogging and articles
  • Copywriting
  • Article rewriting
  • Management of writers to deliver competitive and consistent content
  • Proactive identification of opportunities to expand social presence
  • Translations from English to French and from German to French
  • Proofreading
  • Broadcast translations and localization (scripts and subtitles)
  • Translations and proofreading of video games
  • Copy typing and Word processing
  • Translations of corporate and institutional documents (from English and German)
  • Translations of blog articles (from English and German)

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